Get to know me..

Shellby is a native Texan with roots that run deep. Feeling the need to make sure that Texas women remain the most beautiful in the country spurred her to action in the realm of cosmetology. Receiving formal training from the exclusive Paul Mitchell institute in Austin helped hone her innate abilities in esthetics. Endless hours of hands on training and practice earned her the respect of all her classmates as well as the instructors. Upon leaving the institute, Shellby saw the rising popularity and overall demand in laser technology prompting her to enroll in Texas Laser & Aesthetics Training Academy. Although graduating both academic institutions, Shellby is constantly aware of the need to keep up with industry trends and fads, therefore continues her education constantly through trade shows and seminars. From micro-derm to chemical peels, extractions to threading, Shellby knows what your skin needs even when you don’t.